Neurometabolic Care

Tools & Technology

A detailed evaluation of the eyes gives us insights into the functioning of the brain. RealEyes™ VNG is a state of the art assessment tool that allows us to use eye movement to identify abnormalities within the brain’s vestibulo-occular (balance) systems. Binocular infrared cameras objectively assess abnormal eye movement caused by neurological pathologies, traumatic brain injury, BPPV, labyrinthitis, and many other peripheral and neurological pathologies. RealEyes™ Testing Capabilities include Pursuits & Saccades for Frontal Lobe, Parietal Lobe and Cerebellar function. It enables us to see and measure the level of dizziness using provocative maneuvers like the Dix-Hallpike test, as well as Post Rotational Nystagmus and Caloric Testing.
We use this advanced balancing and reporting technology for elite athletes and stroke patients alike. Deep spinal musculature is the most important, yet most neglected part of the human body.Because they are responsible for all bodily movement, the health of these muscles is crucial.SpineForce® is the first technology designed to pinpoint and tone these deep spinal muscles. Session level statistics help us keep track of brain-balance and coordination performance improvements.
The DRX 9000 is a powerful non-invasive way to relieve back pain without surgery. Spinal Decompression is part of our treatment program to address: Protruding and herniating discs Degenerative disc disease (DDD) Facet joint disorders Spinal root impingement and Degenerative joint disease (DJD). Dr. Thomas Santucci, DC, CNS is pioneer in Spinal Decompression technology. We have been providing this service for over ten years.
This is a treatment for the relief of Peripheral Neuropathy and nerve related pain. The ReBuilder’s built-in microprocessor measures several physiological functions of your nerves and automatically adjusts itself to your specific therapeutic needs beginning with the first healing signal.
We use BIA technology when scale weight alone does not provide enough information to manage an overall health plan for individuals. Quantum II BIAprovides muscle, fat bone proportions to improve body composition in relation to health and fitness management. BioImpedence Analysis gives accurate Muscle Mass Bone & Lymphatic Fat percentages Replaces old fashioned Body Mass Index method of determining obesity
Interactive Metronome is used to synchronize brain activity and enhance function of the Executive Control Centers of the Brain. IM assesses 12 different brain–body activates allowing us to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. This work helps us restore brain balance in school age kids as well as patients with damage from stroke or dementia. IM has the enviable advantage of significant levels of empirical data to support its claims of efficacy. Whether you are pursuing outcomes in focus, self-control, speech/language, reading, coordination, or gait/balance, IM is the tool that helps you address the core deficit in timing while customizing exercises, engaging the brain, and pushing your patient to achieve maximum success.
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