Neurometabolic Care

NeuroMetabolic Basics

neurometabolic-basicsWe treat patients Neurologically and Metabolically.

Neuro-Metabolic Care merges physical, biochemical and neurological assessment and treatment into a program specifically aligned to the patient’s needs. 

The Metabolic portion of care includes a series of laboratory tests supported by the latest literature to understand:
  • Anemia and Blood Sugar Imbalances that rob you of energy
  • Food Sensitivities including Gluten, Dairy Egg & Soy
  • Adrenal Gland Disorders which interfere with normal hormone and brain function
  • Thyroid dysfunction that can affect all tissues in your body
  • Chronic Inflammation for longer term conditions
  • Hidden infections including parasites

Functional Neurology’s contribution is to identify imbalances or functional lesions between the two sides of the brain and take steps to balance them. We can assess over 50 neural pathways to understand motor, sensory, reflexes and cranial nerve function.
A specific plan of correction is then determined for each patient.  Chiropractic adjustments, Oxygen Therapy, Eye exercises, Spinal Decompression, Massage and Balance and Proprioception exercises are used to correct these disparities.

This combination of Neurology and Biochemistry makes Neuro-Metabolic Care a highly effective method of treatment  for complex patient conditions.

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