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Frozen Shoulder

12774068_sWhat would you do to Move your Arm Again?

Frozen Shoulders impact professional athletes, Weekend Warriors and Silicon Valley Business people alike.

What goes wrong?

Shoulder problems can start with something minor like a tennis swing, working out with weights or even grabbing something out of the backseat of your car.

Each of these activities set up a message to the brain that there is an injury to the muscles and tendons. The innate protection mechanisms then attempts to limit arm movement by a “splinting” action of the muscles.

Neurological action of the muscles

22616251_mlAfter an injury, all the muscles under your shoulder, like Lats, go into spasm to keep your arm against your side and all the muscles on the top, like the Deltoid, quit working so you can’t lift your arm and further aggravate your injury.

Scar Tissue and Swelling are appropriate responses for 24 hours, but after that the body needs to start healing itself.

Muscles Work in Pairs

Almost all joint problems are accompanied by an imbalance of the primary mover muscle called the Agonist and muscle that performs the opposite movement called the Antagonist. When you move your arm, the first thing that happens is that your Triceps turn off and the Biceps are allowed to move. If they are both allowed to contract at the same time, you can have arm spasms for 24 hrs. a day.

How come its 10 years and it hasn’t healed?

If you sprain your ankle, the age old Primitive healing response is to add inflammation and fibrotic glue so that you have limited, but continued mobility. This was a survival strategy of our species and allowed early man to at least keep up with the tribe, rather than become prey to early carnivores.

It’s really a Brain Problem

Once an injury patterns get stuck, it’s like living next to a train track – at a certain point you don’t hear the train anymore. Likewise, your brain tunes out to the shoulder’s normal inputs and treats the shoulder like it has just been injured. The brain attempts to limit the shoulder motion and produces a frozen shoulder.

After 10 years, we are left with inflammation, fibrosis and arthritic changes.

Revolutionary Muscle – Nervous System Technique

14970303_sThe Trigenics procedure for Frozen Shoulders works with the Brain’s neurological control and resets the signaling to turn off imbalances in this reciprocal inhibition process. Trigenics combines muscle and tendon resets that make permanent neurological changes which allow the brain to release the Frozen shoulder pattern. Because Trigenics combines, movement, facilitated breathing and neurological reset of the muscles and tendons, it can make powerful changes quickly. The average Frozen Shoulder case is successful completed in 4-10 Trigenics procedures.

Frozen Shoulder Success

Trigenics shoulder procedure are clinically effective for most Frozen Shoulder restrictions. Long term Injury and Post-operative Shoulder restrictions respond especially well to this care. Conservative estimates of our outcomes improve shoulder movement to 170 degrees in 90 percent of the cases.

World Class Doctors

Our doctors go all over the world working with the best athletes. This procedure has been successfully performed for some of the world’s most serious competitors in 30 countries. Set up an evaluation.















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