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Developmental Delays

We all see aspects of extraordinary development in our children, our spouses and ourselves. When does “special” development become characteristic of ASD, ADD, Dyslexia or ADHD?

developmental-delaysWhen is the penchant for math really a development delay of the social side of the brain?  When do the “deeper answers” and food sensitivity mean that something is developmentally wrong?

Within the array of normal development, there can be an obstruction of normal progress that may occur as soon as birth through 3 to 6 months old.

First let’s talk about how normal neurology is set up.

Each side of the brain has specialized function- How do you match up?


Right Brain (parallel processor)

  • Big picture – Answers the question “Where is it?”
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Large muscle control
  • Emotional Quotient Comprehension
  • Math reasoning
  • Interpreting information
  • Unconscious actions
  • Negative emotions
  • Low frequency sound
  • High frequency light
  • Interpreting auditory input
  • Understanding abstract concepts
  • Cautious and safe actions
  • Likes newness, novelty
  • Suppresses immunity
  • Spatial awareness
  • Senses of taste and smell
  • Social skills
  • Digestion

 Left Brain (serial processor)

  •   Small Picture – What is it?
  •   Analysis
  •  Verbal communication
  •  Small muscle control
  •  IQ
  •  Word reading
  •  Math calculations
  •  Processing information
  •  Conscious actions
  •  Positive emotions
  •  High frequency sound
  •  Low frequency light
  •  Receiving auditory input
  •  Linear and logical thinking
  •  Curious and impulsive actions
  •  Like routine, sameness
  •  Activates immunity

In most people these two sides of the brain work in concert, with each side contributing a part of the person’s awareness and analysis of reality.  In patients with poor brain balance, one side dominates to the detriment of the other set of skills.

Understanding Developmental Delays 

primitive-reflexesPrimitive Reflexes

Infants are equipped with multiple primitive reflexes that enable them to assist in the birth process, protect themselves from falling and ensure that they do not walk before their bodies and brains are ready.  Normally -The motor control for these primitive reflexes are then “redeployed” in the bodies reflexes and movement capabilities.  Because Movement is crucial in brain development, if these Primitive Reflexes become arrested, they can stop normal brain development at the earliest stages of life.

Brain Balance

Because each side of the brain specializes in function and requires independent inputs in order to function, it is common to have a dominant brain “sidedness”. If this is due to a physiological problem like hypoxia during the birth process, the sidedness may become pronounced and cause a brain imbalance literally causing the brain to be out of sync with itself.


Frontal Cortex

frontal-cortexWhile developmental Delays and Brain Imbalance can affect all areas of the brain, the Prefrontal delays are perhaps the most serious.  The Frontal cortex is important for Goal Setting and directing behavior to achieve these goals.  In order to achieve long‐range goals, it is necessary to inhibit lower‐level “automatic” responses to stimuli, and it is necessary to delay gratification.

Patients with frontal lobe deficits fail to inhibit inappropriate responses to stimuli & exhibit “stimulus‐bound” or Impulsive behavior.  Alternatively they may act only when prodded.

Functional Disconnect Syndrome


When a combination of Development Delays, Brain Imbalance and usually dietary and social stress they can produce a condition call Functional Disconnect Syndrome.  Symptoms can range from impulsiveness and lack of attention, to hyperactivity and emotional outbursts.  These often cause low self-esteem, learning difficulties, and social deficits.


Biochemistry and Neurological Evaluation

It is likely that these individuals have metabolic imbalance which mirror and contribute to the neurological issues.

The array of testing should cover primary factors like blood glucose and infection status to more advanced testing like Neurotransmitter levels and food antigen status.


Brain Balance – Protocol for Activating a Brain

Like all complex conditions, Development Delay has multiple factors which contribute to the symptoms.

1. Address Functional Disconnect Syndrome

  • Right/Left Brain Imbalance
  • Cortex/Brain Stem Control Issues

2. Treat other under functioning Brain areas such as Temporal or Parietal Lobes

3. Address Metabolic Concerns, NTs and Immunity with Blood Chemistry Analysis and Functional Endocrine Testing

4. Physically Rehab to Improve Balance, Control, Strength and Flexibility. Large muscle exercises, Interactive Metronome and Chiropractic Adjustments all help.


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