Neurometabolic Care

Biochemical Testing

biochemical-testingPerhaps in no other area has research driven protocols been important as in Nutrition and Metabolic aspects of healthcare.

It’s all about the labs!

NeuroScience – State of the Art urine metabolite testing for Neurotransmitter levels
Metametrix – DNA Testing for Parasites, intestinal permeability, amino acids, organic acids, etc.
Entero Labs – Food Antigen Testing that allows us to narrow down suspect foods into
Cyrex Labs – Ultra modern DNA Testing for Food Antigens including Gluten Dairy & Soy.
Professional Coop – Blood Chemistry Analysis that get to the heart of the problem.

Many are surprised to learn that Detoxification and Weight Loss can have an important place in a Chiropractic clinic.  These related systems and their distress can greatly contribute to or hinder a patient’s physical recovery.

Certified Nutritional Specialist – Expert in Functional Medicine

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